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The "Pro Series" Grove Glitz Jig

The NEW "Pro Series" Grove Glitz Jig comes only in the 1/16 ounce size which is the perfect profile for big crappie. The "Pro Series" offers a dual color marabou tail that no fish has ever seen swimming in front of their face. This will catch you more slabs this season with these jigs in your arsenal. Stock up today!

The Zipper Ripper

The Zipper Ripper is the newest jig in Long Pine Creek Tackle's line-up. This jig offers an action unlike any other jig out there on the market. This jig features a propeller blade that not only spins on the retrieve; it also spins on the fall. That drives the fish crazy and seems to be when most of the hits are.

This jig is a special run and for that reason, I do not carry the jig heads or propeller blades in bulk. Please read the product description before ordering.

Grove Glitz Jigs

They're slaying the crappies

Monster Marabou Catches Pigs!

The Jig Everyone is Missing Out on!

The RP Jig

Ugly is the first thing that many think of when they first see this jig. The truth is, they are not wrong. This is an eyesore, but my goodness does it ever catch fish! I have caught many limits of both panfish and trout with the RP Jig. I have actually even caught 16-18" bass fishing these with an ultralight set-up. Why do fish flock all over this jig? You truly will not understand it until you see it for yourself. This jig imitates so many naturally colored aquatic fish and insects. I like to go fishing, but when I want to go "catching," this is the jig I use.